About Me: John West


Photo taken by me of Herky the Hawkeye holding...
Photo taken of Herky the Hawkeye holding a Tigerhawk flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s the middle of my first day interning here at MediaTracks Communications and I have already been ambushed with a frenzy of knowledge and tips about my home for the summer.  As I take the time to process all that I am learning, I figured introductions should be made.  My name is John West and I am a recent graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in marketing.  I have enjoyed my time at Iowa, being involved with a lot of different activities ranging from the Men’s Rowing Team to most recently being a member of the student radio staff at KRUI.  My work at KRUI has propelled me to work for MediaTracks where I hope to gain even more skills for a career in some aspect of radio down the line.


At KRUI, I was on both the sports and marketing staffs.  On the marketing staff, I helped promote concerts and events sponsored by KRUI which featured Mission Creek Festival, a week long music festival in Iowa City.  On the sports staff, I was an on-air personality for our NBA show as well as a show called Sports Squawk, which is a show similar to ESPN’s Around the Horn.  As a part of the sports staff, I also wrote monthly articles about a sports topic of my choice, which usually meant it was something basketball related.  I follow the NBA the most, with my team being the Bulls, but I’m also a fan of all the other Chicago sports teams, including the Bears and Blackhawks.


In my free time, I really enjoy being outside and hanging out with my friends, which usually means frisbee golfing or playing pick-up basketball.  I also like watching movies and listening to music.  I watch comedies most of the time, especially if there is a stand-up comedian that I enjoy in the film.  I listen to all types of music, but I especially like alternative music.  Bands I have been listening to lately are Young the Giant and Of Monsters and Men.  When I have the time, I also like reading.  A book that I read recently is The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons which is about the history of basketball and full of hilarious commentary.  I hope this gives you a good look at what I’m all about, and I should probably get back to work.  Have a great summer!



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